Fox Ridge Farm is a premier equestrian facility located in picturesque Newtown, CT.  Located in the Southwest corner of Newtown, near the town lines of Newtown, Monroe, Easton and Redding we are conveniently located to serve Fairfield County.
We have been training children and adults in the disciplines of Hunters, Jumpers and Equitation since 1996.  We take great pride in educating our riders to excel and achieve their goals in the equestrian word. We offer horseback riding lessons for the beginner looking to experience horseback riding for the first time, to the rider that wants to compete at an advanced level on the USEF National Horse Show Circuit.

In 2013, Fox Ridge Farm also took steps to offer a second life for horses coming off the race track by setting up a horse rescue.


Fox Ridge Farm

Summer Camp Begins 2015.

Don't miss the chance to join in one of our exciting week long summer camps. June 23rd - August 15th

Summer Camp for 12+

Catch the special session of our 12+ riders, August 10th - 14th.

The Equestrian life is one that we have chosen, and with that come the responsibility to do everything that we can to better the lives of our equine friends. When a horse steps off the racetrack, perhaps a champion, perhaps not, their life does not need to end. These horses can be trained to do more that just run as fast as they can in a circle, and that is where we step in. 

Fox Ridge Thoroughbred Horse Rescue